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If you need to choose the healthcare benefits for you or for your family members, then it is best to choose the AARP Medicare. They provide lots of benefits to the persons who choose this health care coverage.


What is mean by Medicare Advantage?

AARP Medicare Advantages
AARP Medicare Advantages

The medicare advantage is the health care plans provided by private insurance companies. This plan covers the amount of Medicare hospital coverage, doctor coverage, and other additional benefits in one plan. There is also another plan that includes drug coverage prescription which is also known as Medicare Advantage with prescription drug plans (MA-PD).

Different plans under the Medicare Advantage:

The various My AARP Medicare Advantage plans under this health care coverage are

  1. Co-ordinate care plans: In this plan, there are many plans under the category of the co-ordinate care plan. And each plan has a separate network of doctors to handle patients under the plan. The various health care plans under this category are as follows:
  • Health Maintenance Organization plans (HMO): This type of plan will be helpful when you need primary health care to support your health-related problems.
  • Points of Service plan (POS): This plan is suitable for you when need the HMO plan with more flexibility.
  • Preferred provider Organization plan (PPO): It is flexible when you need to choose the providers outside the network.
  • Special Needs Plan: This is suitable for people who need special health care or financial needs. The plans in this plan include drug coverage. This plan also includes the coordination of care, transportation charges for hospitals, money to buy daily health items, routine vision, and dental coverage. The various plans under this category are
    • Dual eligible special needs plan (DSNPs): This plan is for people who need to take both the Medicare and Medicaid treatments.
    • Chronic Special needs plan (CSNPs): This plan is used by the people who are affected by severe chronic problems.
    • Institutional Special Needs plan (ISNPs): This plan is used by the people who need the special nursing facility.
    • Institutional Equivalent Special Needs plan ( IESNPs): This plan is for the people who need to be contracted and assisted living facility and the care provided in the skilled nursing facility.
  1. Private free for service plans (PFFS): This plan is available for both with and without the private network. It lets to choose the provider around the united states who accept both the Medicare and the plan’s terms and condition for payment.
  2. Medical savings accounts plan (MSA): It combines the high deductible health plans with the special savings account. In this plan, they provide a facility to save the funds provided in the Medicare plan and withdraw it for any health-related expenses without paying any taxes. It does not include any prescription drug coverage.

These are the different types of plans available under the My AARP Medicare Advantage. From that, you can choose the best plan based on your health problems.

Various benefits and features of the Medicare Advantage

In this topic, I have described what are the advantages and benefits I get through the My AARP Medicare Advantage plans. The benefits of you will also gain through this plan are as follows:

  • The monthly plan starting at $0 for all the premium plans
  • This health care plan help you to save your health care expenses up to a certain limit.
  • It pays for your doctor visits and other medical expenses.
  • You will get help for emergency care from worldwide hospitals.
  • You will be provided routine eye checkups.
  • It also provides you with routine hearing exams and provides hearing help from the best consultant.
  • It provides frequent fitness programs and provides 24-hours complete assistance for your health problems through phone by a nurse.
  • You can save your money for getting medicines from all the pharmacies worldwide.

These are the benefits you will get if you get any one of the health care coverage provided by My AARP Medicare Advantage. Hence use the health care benefits provided by Medicare and lead a disease-free life with less amount of money. Overall, be happy with AARP Medicare plans.

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